A unified protein engineering solution to accelerate discovery.

Autodesk Life Science Platform


Extensible pipeline for rapid high throughput genetic design.

Create genetic designs at both the sequence level and the higher levels of abstraction. Design combinatorial libraries within seconds for high throughput workflows. Integrate with databases, algorithms, or real world DNA manufacturing.


Sharable interactive 3D structural data built for instant collaboration.

Customize, annotate, and share interactive 3D structural data across your distributed teams and stakeholders through a web link accessible on any browser, anywhere, anytime. Explore 3D content in virtual reality by immersing through smartphone or headset devices.


Publish and run reproducible and reliable computational cloud workflows.

Capitalize your technical expertise through our modern cloud workflow infrastructure by enabling computational experts to publish workflows with existing, powerful modeling packages. Streamline complex processes with reproducibility, realiability, and ease of distribution across teams and disciplines.

Autodesk Life Sciences delivers a single, integrated cloud-enabled software solution that enhances the disjointed and legacy systems used in today’s discovery process.

The Auto Autodesk Life Sciences Platform is specifically delivered to save time, reduce costs, streamline complex processes, and create agility in resources.


Achieve faster time to market by breaking down silos and enabling instant collaboration..

Flexibility of software access across devices and platforms.

Reduce operational and maintenance costs by leaving the software and infrastructure support up to us.

Maximize productivity through user-centric tools based on deep knowledge of our users.

Unified solution for all experts from design, visualization, to simulation.

Extensibility and integration with legacy or proprietary systems and algorithms.

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