Explore and analyze DNA origami designs.

Nanodesign is aimed towards making the visualization and design of DNA devices easier and accessible. The project also is looking to provide an extensible software package for creating, manipulating, and analyzing DNA structure designs. 


Visualize DNA Origami files in 3D and powerful content browser.

Toggle between cylinder-based, scaffold and staple strands

Analyze each domain for melting temperature and display on the model


Joseph Schaeffer. Principal Research Scientist

Joseph joined in 2013, bringing in expertise in the area of DNA nanotechnology. Their focus has been on design, modeling and simulation problems in DNA nanotechnology, and recently has been looking to start a collaborative software development community within the field.

Andrew Kimoto. Pr. Software Engineer

Andrew is a software engineer with over 15 years of full stack web application development experience.  He is currently working on the Molecule Viewer and NanoDesign projects.  Andrew specializes in front-end and back-end JavaScript development.

Dave Parker. Sr. Software Engineer

Dave is developing software for the modeling and visualization of nanoscale biological structures. His background in computational science, biophysics, biomechanics, and visualization has enabled him to develop applications for cadiovascular medicine, biophyisical simulation and 3D printing. He holds a PhD from Stanford University.

Malte Tinnus. Sr. Pr. Designer

Malte is a versatile designer specialized in 3D design and interactions. He is collaborating with leading scientists to envision the paradigms and tools needed to exploit the intersection of design and life.

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